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Sylvia's Double Testimony

Sylvia's Double Testimony

Sylvia's Double Testimony


SYLVIA - mother of two - was on a couple of my programs.

By following the meal & exercise plans and being committed to her journey, she lost 1 stone at the end of one program and lost another 4.5kg on another Bootcamp!!

Sylvia's feedback after the BOOTCAMP - 

Forgive my long essay Torez but I had to write it!😉 I was excited at the start of the bootcamp but at the same time was dreading the workout cos I know the word 'bootcamp' is intense... but I have enjoyed every step and the daily challenge that awaited me each day.... you won't want to give up!
- so far I have enjoyed feeling better within me, can't remember the last time a suffered from headache and bodily pains. Now I understand better that we are indeed what we eat! Thank you Torez for showing me the way...
- Since I started eating healthy I've realised my weight is dropping even though I'm eating. In fact, I'm eating more times than anybody in my household and they wonder! Haha
-I'm mindful of what I put in my mouth now.
- Yes, end of the bootcamp and I have lost a total of 2.2inches of my waistline, 4inches of my hips, 2inches of my bust, 2.8 inches off my upper tight and 4.5kg weight lost.
I can't thank you enough Torez way for showing me the way and making a dream come true. I gave up on weight lose until you surfaced with your 'free 7-day shapeup program' which work extremely well for me.. I knew that was it.. plus I love the way you were not compromising with excuses! I know the work still continues but with all the tips from the Torez academy I trust I shall continue to write my chapters(in ur words) lol! I'm grateful.  You didn't just show me the showed me the right way 

Weight at start - 13 stones, weight at end of programme - 11 stones. The meals were tasty and healthy...the exercise plan was challenging but very really feel the burn! 

Before the program I used to feel tired and rely on paracetamol to ease my body aches. After going on the shape up program I feel energetic and happy with myself. I am glad I took up the challenge to better myself. 

The program centres not only on losing the weight but living a healthy lifestyle, which makes it even better. The Torez way worked for me.. I'm a new healthier person. 

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Funmi's Testimony

Sylvia's Double Testimony

Sylvia's Double Testimony


Funmi was on the program. 

She lost a total of 4kg in  JUST 3 weeks!!

Funmi's feedback -
Over the years, I've been looking for a way of loosing weight but I always do it through starvation and after a while, I'll give up and the weight will come back again. Little did I know there's a better and right way. I'm loosing weight without starving myself unbelievable! These days I drink enough water, get to eat more vegetables, incorporate exercise into my routine and as a result my knees pains getting better. Even though I couldn't exercise at the last week on boot camp cos I wasn't feeling too well, I still loose weight and that was 4kg off my weight. This is just the beginning of my journey in weight loss. Thank you Torez way and thank you my boss(Sylvia) who is always on my neck every hours of the day to make sure I get things right. She will even bring what I needed to get it right and achieve my goal. Torez way has worked for me tremendously and everyone will hear about it. I now have a better way of living.  Thank you Torez the best way!
**Are you still struggling to lose weight? 

**Have you been starving yourself?

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Theresa's Testimony

Theresa's Testimony

Theresa's Testimony


Theresa - mother of two - was on my FAT BLITZ program for 3 months. She lost a total of 18kg in 12 weeks!!

18KG IN 90 DAYS!!

Theresa's feedback -
My weight at the start of the program was 158kg while my weight at the end was 140kg. The meal and exercise plans were really easy to follow . The program was really helpful.  At the start, I used to feel really tired and heavy but by the end I was lighter on my feet. The program was a great kick starter to a healthier lifestyle. I was very amazed at the amount of helpful tips readily available from Torez.
**Are you still struggling to lose weight? 

**Have you tried other diets and the weight has refused to move?

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Client Testimonies

Theresa's Testimony

Theresa's Testimony


TITI – I just wanted to lose some inches around my body which I was able to achieve at the end of the Shape Up program. 

The program was fabulous, meal and exercise plan were good. I now feel good especially with the new meal ideas.
WEIGHT - 89.6 to 89.5. WAIST - 35.5 to 35.1. HIPS - 46.6 to 46.4. THIGH - 27 to 26.4. ARM - 14.5 to 13.9. BUST - 39.1 - 38.9.
EFUA - To be honest, I didn’t set any goal other than trying to stay committed to what I had signed up to do which was the Shape Up program. 

The meal plan was a little hard to start with only because the quantity of food seemed so small, so I felt as though I was being deprived to begin with, but I’d eat it and surprisingly i'll be okay. 

The program in general was quite good , especially knowing that I had to be accountable. 

It’s a good way to kickstart the weight loss journey and there’s a lot of support and encouragement to make you push yourself to just do it! 

Before the program I was slightly sceptical and really doubtful about my ability to endure. Afterwards, I need to give myself more credit and know that I can do it!
WEIGHT - 79.3 to 78. WAIST – 36 to 35. HIPS - 46.5 to 45. THIGH – 26 to 25. ARM – 13 to 13. BUST - 40 to 39.
Whatever your weight loss goals are, I am here to help! 

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